My name is Kristine Tirone. My goal is to do something I never thought I'd be able to do. Meaning, I never thought I'd even get close to having the opportunity to leave the country, or be involved with a class in this way. Setting standards for myself and working towards something is a new thing for me. I'm writing this blog to raise money to send my class to Costa Rica. Our class, as a whole, is trying to fundraise over $15,000. This will fund everything from our food, a place to stay, to our flight.

I'm getting a new understanding of what it's like to deserve what you work for. Before, I would sit back and let everyone do the work and I would take the credit. My personal struggles got in the way of my everyday functioning. My focus on education was lost to my other struggles. Not only was I not understanding the work, but I had an increasingly low work ethic. This all started to change over the summer of 2010. Bryan, my teacher, makes it known that he has an extremely low tolerance for slackers. I didn't want to disappoint him, and this motivation was new to me.

I realize as my interactions with people started to change, I started to as well. Bryan always expected nothing but good things from me, and I've given him nothing but that. I suppose if you feel a certain way or act a certain way, you become a certain way. From there it's history, ever since I've excelled in my school work and always do what I say I will. You're only as good as your word.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Horseback Riding in Costa Rica =]

While in Costa Rica I had very limited Internet access. I would have like to have written this blog the same day but had no wifi at the place we were stayng in Monteverde. On Friday April 8Th we went horse back riding. It was a gorgeous day out and I was so excited to get on a horse because i haven't been on one since I was 8 or so. The sun was beaming on me while in the tour van, I remember the weather being around 100 degrees.

When we got to the ranch were we would meet our horses, i looked out at all the evergreens and forests that covered the roads we just came from. I took a deep breath in. Inhale. I felt a little nervous but so ready to get on a horse. There were 9 horses 7 for those of us that road and 2 for the guides. My house Rontone reminded me of myself! My last names Tirone and his names Rontone. I got a good laugh from that.

I jumped on Rontone and headed off down the steep, rocky, and intimidating trail. Rontone was a very good horse and he had fire. He didn't want to just walk, he wanted to trot. The intensity ran through my body, and I really enjoyed all the scenery

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Home Again

Now I'm home and I can't get Costa Rica out of my head. I look back on all the work I've done, and hard work truly pays off. I tell everyone about my adventures with my class while in Costa Rica. Most just "ooh, and ah," and other travelers tell me I have the " bug." Apparently it's what you get when you love traveling. My friends mom has been all over the world, and she says she can see it in my eyes.

I went to Costa Rica a shy 17 year old girl. I came back a rejuvenated, calm, young woman. I realize now that the world is my play ground. In Costa Rica the wind just blows a certain way against your skin. If I closed my eyes I'd feel like I was on a cliff, standing on the edge. When i opened them I'd realize I was standing still in a field of long grass. But at the same time felt dangerous.

The sky's are so deep and the clouds are so puffy, it feels like your looking into the sky forever. The plane ride back was a hard one because I just found thins new person, and this new place. My friends mom was right, I have the "bug." I'll be back to Costa Rica, and hopefully see many other things in my life time. Pura Vida.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adios Monteverde =[

I’m very sad to be leaving Monteverde and the cloud forest. It truly is the most beautiful thing I've ever been privileged to see. The people were so welcoming and warm. I felt at home, but obviously very far away. Out of all the exciting and crazy things we did I loved the Butterfly Garden. One symbol for Monteverde is the Blue Morpho butterfly. In the garden there were at least a hundred of these beautiful creatures. They are deep and silky browns when their wings are up, but when down, it’s like a rainbow of blues and they form circles perfectly all aligning. The symbolism behind the butterfly to me means freedom, and letting your spirit fly. In Costa Rica that’s truly what I feel I have done. As the Tico's have continuously taught me, pura vida; pure life.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Were Here

Inhale. Exhale. I get off the plane and am welcomed with happy faces and sunshine. My first thought besides getting my luggage is, putting my shorts on! Flower in my hair and im ready to get on our taxi and go the cloud forest.
The ride in was AMAZING. The scenery was like nothing ive never seen before in good old New Hampshire. The trees are much higher the leaves are much greener. The flowers colors are vibrant and bonita (beautiful). I was and am over welmed with powerful emotions of good feelings and vibes. I am so proud. Pura Vida , good life.